Dipole diffusors Profane, amplifier with air cored output transformer

This page is dedicated to final amplifiers, hybrid amplifiers and accessories for  hi fi systems, draft of my schematics anticonventional originals and, created above all in order to disclose the employment of air cored output transformers, that I've successfully experimented.
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 Air cored output transformers

Air cored transformers!!

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Tubes amplifier PROFANE that uses wrapped in air output transformers, and 8 pentodes EL84 in the final stage for each channel, derivation circuit Williamson, and its first version MK1

Amplifier hybrid stereo CELESTE 70 w employs on the distance of signal 2 transistors for channel and 2 valves ECC 82, configuration push pull, but not conventional.

Amplifier hybrid stereo ELLA single ended, for every channel employs 1 common transistor for receivers, TV, the BU508 AF and 1/2 double triode ECC83 feeding 275 V, with economic output transformer.

Signal Cables with inverse equalization RIAA in order to connect the cd player to the Phono income of the preamplifier, usually used for the pick up magnetic of the record players for LP.

Diffusers this section contains the realizations in the field of the acoustic diffusers, of interesting there is above all a sub woofer from angle that would have to take advantage of the reflections of the walls and the pavement .

Kit a 1 Jolly plan: power amplifier for headphones (uses the small double triodes ECC 82) that it can be used as a driver for a powerful hybrid amplifier with little others members and a single successive stage, is the described base of Celeste on these pages.

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