The sub woofer that it can be seen has been the first plan I realized, it goes back to many years ago, the base idea was that one to take advantage of reinforces due to the reflections of the walls and the pavement.

The shape is such from being able to be inserted in an angle, in order to approach the most possible cone the walls, therefore that they form a species of bugle... the objective effectively are caught up, the 16 Hz is reproduced to a level that I would define remarkable, (is not listened to obviously, but the seat feels them very well).

Unfortunately some problem does not lack: along the bisecting line of the determined solid angle from the crossing of the walls with the pavement there is a sure attenuation due to the mutual erasure, moreover the higher level is obtained along the walls, therefore that the furnitures, doors etc are capacities to vibrate audible, influencing negatively listen, moreover today I'm carried to think that the use of sub woofer for the listen homely is not advisable.