Tipsy - Sistema 2 vie reflex da scaffale di buona sensibilità by A. Bellino © 2002 - 2003

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Artikelnummer: 50128
Technische Daten
Impedanz: 8 Ohm
Belastbarkeit: 100 W
Empfindlichkeit: 94 db 1W/1m
Frequenz: 85-8.000 Hz
Schwingspule: 40 mm
Magnetgewicht: 850 kg
Empf. Volumen: 5-8 Liter
Maße & Material
Durchmesser: 170 mm
Ausschnitt, Frontmontage: 144 mm
Tiefe: 80 mm
Gewicht: 2,2 kg
fs: 90 Hz
Re: 6,7 Ohm
Qms: 4,24
Qes: 0,49
Qts: 0,44
Vas: 8 Liter
Sd: 139 cm²
Xmax: 0,75 mm
Vd: 11 cm³
Le: 0,5 mH



HiFi dome tweeter, 150WMAX, 8 Ohm
Textile soft dome, fine coating, with ferrofluid and metal front plate, due to the front plate design ideal for D´Appolito arrangements and optically matching the SPH–... series, for HiFi and high-end.
Technical datasheet
Impedance (Z) 8 Ohm 
Free air resonance (fs) 1.5kHz 
Max. frequency range fx–22kHz 
Rec. crossover frequency (12dB) 2.5kHz 
Music power 150WMAX 
Power rating 75WRMS 
SPL (1W/1m) 92dB 
Voice coil diameter 25mm 
Magnet diameter 73mm 
Mounting cutout ø 75mm 
Mounting depth 28mm 
Dimensions 110x84mm 
Weight 0.53kg